About Me.


Juliette Laroche

Bonjour! My name is Juliette, an industrial designer finishing up my senior year at University of Houston. 

I have always had a fascination with how people interact with their surroundings wether it be with a product or space. I think this natural curiosity was influenced by the multiple cultures and environments I grew up in. Design is my passion and I find it to be a self expression to make sense of our surroundings. 

I like to work in a fast paced environment and work better in teams. All my projects have one theme in common in which I have a high focus on user experience. I love researching users and applying my knowledge into the design through brainstorming in teams, ideation, rapid prototyping, testing and refining. 


Featured, Donec Nec Justo, 2015
Winner, Fusce Odio Velit, 2014
Winner, Non Nisl at Mauris, 2014


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